Ackersate - Camping op de Veluwe


The Veluwe is one of the most beautiful areas in the Netherlands. It is known for its many forests, flowering heathlands, vast drifting sands and the wildlife. Whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, the Veluwe looks different each season. The Douglas fir, the birch and the oak are common trees found in the Veluwe. Have a look at the video below and enjoy the Veluwe's beautiful seasons.

Enjoy the Veluwe nature during all four seasons!


A day out

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Bike rental

Would you like to explore the area by bike, but forgot to bring your bicycle? No problem! Holiday park Ackersate has bicycles for rent.

Wildlife in the Veluwe

When going for a bike ride or a walk around the area of Holiday Park Ackersate in the early mornings, you might come across a herd of deer or a group of wild boars. These animals are typical of the Veluwe area. During the rutting season in autumn, the bolving red deer cannot be missed. Always wanted to go wildlife spotting? Join the Forestry Commission on an adventure!