Ackersate - Camping op de Veluwe


Do you like to go hiking and would you like to enjoy the forests and nature of the Veluwe? There are plenty of hiking opportunities in the Voorthuizen area, from relaxing walks through the forests to challenging routes through the meadows.

The Wilbrink forest is only a ten minute walk away. There are also various places in the Holiday park Ackersate area where dogs are allowed to roam freely.

Ackersate's reception has some hiking routes available that start and end at the park. Have a preview here:
- Hiking route Round Trip Voorthuizen (5.3 km)
- Hiking route Part "Clog Path" (5.2 km)


Would you like to discover the area around the park? Try out the Griezeveensepad: the number one "clog path" in Voorthuizen. This hiking route is 14 kilometers and leads you along the ancient Grieze Veen, the Wilbrink forest and the meadows. You start the hike at Eethuisje de Heuveltjes, at walking distance from Holiday park Ackersate.


Geocaching has you brandishing a GPS receiver with coordinates to find hidden caches worldwide. A cache is often a small box with a log along with a small treasure. When you find it, you leave your name in the log. The finder is also supposed to leave a log on the geocaching website, even when you failed to find the treasure.

We can tell you that there's also a geocache hidden somewhere in Holiday park Ackersate!

Would you also like to start geocaching? Create an account on this website and join the world's biggest treasure hunt! Or read more about geocaching.