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While you are enjoying your holiday, we are working to make the holiday park as environmentally friendly/sustainable as possible. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important to Ackersate. Among other things, the Golden Green Key confirms that Ackersate has an eye for the environment and its surroundings. We want to show you what Ackersate is working on and which techniques are used.


Solar panels and solar collectors

Ackersate has solar panels and solar collectors on the park. The difference between the two lies in the fact that the solar collectors use the heat to heat water and the solar panels convert the heat to electricity. 

Solar panels
There are solar panels on several accommodations, for example the Valley Chalets. These supply electricity directly to the respective accommodation. We have large canopies with solar panels on the car park on Harremaatweg. There are 222 panels here. And another large canopy with solar panels for parking under is at the back of the park. Here there are 285 panels. The trampoline park is covered with 136 solar panels. Together, the canopies with solar panels generate 170 kW annually. 


Solar collectors
There are solar collectors on De Vallei and on sanitary building 5. These will help heat the swimming pools and sanitary building. This means we need less fuel and save the environment.

Grey water

A quantity of water flows out of the swimming pool. Even on a summer day, a lot of water is changed and carefully rinsed to maintain the quality of the bathing water. But it is a shame to simply let this precious water disappear into the sewer.

Therefore, the water that flows away is carefully collected in a 'grey water' tank and then filtered. This filtered water, which we call 'grey water', is given a second life. It is not simply wasted. Instead, it is used for a purpose that is just as important: flushing the toilets in the sanitary buildings. By 2023 we will have saved almost 2.5 million liters of drinking water!

With this approach we give the water a new purpose. It contributes to a greater vision of sustainability and responsible water use.


Much can also be saved with lighting. LED lighting is used throughout the park and in the accommodations. A LED lamp is about 50% more economical than an incandescent lamp. 

The site lighting is switched centrally. There is a separation in the grounds lighting. One part is on all night to ensure, for instance, that guests can safely reach a sanitary building. Another part of the lighting switches off shortly after midnight and is only on in the evening for evening activities.

Energy-saving systems

There are many different systems on the market that can help save energy. These are also used at holiday park Ackersate.

ICY Thermostats
All accommodations are equipped with ICY Thermostats. These thermostats react to the presence of people. When an accommodation is not let or there is no movement in the accommodation for a longer period of time, the thermostat automatically switches to a lower temperature. There are different temperature settings that are deployed after a certain number of hours. For example, should a guest staying in accommodation forget to turn off the heating on departure, the system will automatically do so. This avoids unnecessary heating.

Frequency-controlled pumps
At the swimming pool, we have to deal with renewal and wear and tear of pumps, among other things, to keep the swimming water hygienic. Here, we use frequency controllers to keep the pumps running at the right speed, thereby extending their lifespan. An added advantage is also that this is more energy-efficient.

Pellet stove
To heat the pool, we use a pellet stove. This stove burns wood pellets made from prunings or sawdust from wood companies. Pellet stoves are more economical, cleaner and result in fewer CO2 emissions.

Energy transition

You see gas being increasingly traded in for electric. We call this the energy transition. Ackersate is also participating in this. However, this requires the entire electricity network structure to be adapted and undergo a metamorphosis. In the coming years, for example, thicker cables will be laid in the ground so that more electricity can flow into the park.

Electric accommodations
All new accommodation installed at Ackersate will be fully electric. Cooking, heating, etc. will all be done with electricity. 

Electric driving and charging
We have charging stations for electric cars at various points on the park. You can find them at the reception, at the car park near the camping fields, at the second car park on Harremaatweg and at the car park on Brugveenseweg. Ackersate also has company cars that drive completely electrically.

Ecological green management

We also have sustainable ambitions in landscaping. We strive for ecological green space management. Native flora and fauna are central to this. Below are some examples of this applied at Ackersate.

Tree leaves
Every autumn, many leaves fall from the trees. These leaves are collected and used as ground cover between the flower beds. This gives weeds almost no chance to grow. Various animals such as hedgehogs, squirrels and insects start living among the leaves. The leaves eventually start to digest slowly. This provides extra nutrition for the plants and the soil is less likely to dry out in warmer periods.

When installing new planting, we look for species that belong in the Netherlands and on the edge of the Veluwe. Conifers, for example, do not belong here and we will no longer plant new ones.

Green Key Gold

Everything concerning sustainability is recorded in the Green Key file. In it, we keep track of all the data we need to do that little bit extra for the environment. In doing so, we go further than the usual laws and regulations require of us. Even going so far as to obtain the gold certificate!

Drinking water

Ackersate has its own wells that can provide drinking water for park guests. If necessary, this is supplemented with drinking water from Vitens. The drinking water is tested and monitored according to European regulations and is safe for consumption.



Have a swim in our indoor and outdoor swimming pools with two slides! Splashing fun guaranteed.


Come camping in the Veluwe! ✅ Many facilities. ✅ Campsite with a swimming pool and slides. ✅ Beautiful surroundings.


You can rent a chalet, bungalow, tent villa or safari tent at Ackersate. The accommodations are fully equipped and suitable for 2 to 12 people.