Ackersate - Camping op de Veluwe
Vakantiepark Ackersate

Studiochalet | 1 - 2 people

Availability and Price


Gelderland, Voorthuizen


Type of holiday

  1. Chalet/bungalow
  2. Ideal for two


  1. Ground floor accommodation
  2. Central Heating
  3. Smoke detector
  4. Non-smoking
  5. Service set
  6. Free wifi
  7. Parking in the central parking lot


  1. Dogs not allowed


  1. Microwave oven
  2. Gas hob
  3. Refrigerator without freezer compartment
  4. Coffee machine (Senseo)
  5. Kettle
  6. Equipped kitchen
  7. Tea towel 1x and towel 1x present


  1. 1 bedroom
  2. Beds made up
  3. Beds with duvets and pillows

Living area

  1. Dining area
  2. Studio layout
  3. TV
  4. Sitting area


  1. Outdoor lamp
  2. Spacious covered terrace (veranda)
  3. Parasol
  4. View of the water valley


  1. Bathroom with shower, sink and toilet
  2. 1 roll of toilet paper per toilet available
  3. Bath service set
  4. Bath towel 1x and towel 2x p.p. available


A comfortably furnished studio chalet with kitchen and bathroom.

Do you want to get away for a few nights? Then our studio chalets are the ideal solution! Enjoy with two persons in these cosy and comfortable chalets. The studio chalets are equipped with a kitchen with combi-oven (no dishwasher) and a private bathroom with toilet and shower. The studio accommodation is based on two persons, but an extra child's bed can be placed here. This accommodation is smoke and pet-free.

Upon arrival in your Studio Chalet, we have made up the beds for you. During your stay, the sheets are not changed and you have to make your own bed. There is also a standard set of towels available. Will you stay longer than three nights? Then we advise you to bring some extra towels.

Content 'sets

  • The service set consists of: 1 roll of toilet paper, 1 mop, 1 dishcloth, 1 bin bag, 1 washing-up brush, 1 bag of washing-up liquid, 1 box of matches and 1 scouring pad.
  • The coffee/tea set consists of: 6 Senseo pads, 2 tea bags, 6 sugar bags, 6 creamer bags.
  • The bath service set consists of: mini care accessories, mini shower gel, mini shampoo, mini body lotion and a block of hand soap.

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    May 2024 - Joeke Hazeloop

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    April 2024 - Judith Fluks

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    April 2024 - Dennis Van der wal

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    April 2024 - Taco Folkert de Vries

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    August 2022 - Patricia Asmann

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    August 2022 - Oscar Van der Ploeg

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    September 2022 - Mieke van Hoeckel

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    October 2021 - Manon Wallaart

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    August 2022 - Diane Kremer