Group cottages forest edge | 24 people

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Gelderland, Voorthuizen


  1. Waterkoker
  2. Verwarming: centraal
  1. Koffiezetapparaat: filter (maat 4)
  1. Kookplaat: gas


Getting away from it all with a group of 24 people!

These group accommodations are made up of four forest edge cottages placed in a circle. Each forest edge cottage is furnished for 6 people (2 bedrooms with bunk beds) and has its own bathroom with toilet and kitchen. Together, you can meet outside at a long row of picnic benches. Perfect for outings with a large group, where there is room for privacy! It is possible to set up a tent in the circle, allowing the group to be dry even in bad weather. The accommodations are non-smoking, pets are allowed. Bed sheet packages are mandatory.