Ackersate - Camping op de Veluwe

Ecovilla | 2 - 4 persons

Availability and Price


Gelderland, Voorthuizen


Type of holiday

  1. Chalet/bungalow


  1. Ground floor accommodation
  2. Underfloor heating
  3. Smoke detector
  4. Non-smoking
  5. Service set
  6. Free wifi
  7. Parking in the central parking lot


  1. Dogs not allowed


  1. Microwave oven
  2. Induction hob
  3. Fridge with freezer compartment
  4. Coffee machine (filter size 4)
  5. Dishwasher
  6. Kettle
  7. Equipped kitchen


  1. 2 bedrooms
  2. Beds with duvets and pillows

Living area

  1. Dining area
  2. Atmospheric fireplace
  3. TV
  4. Sitting area


  1. Outdoor lamp
  2. Spacious covered terrace (veranda)
  3. French doors
  4. Parasol
  5. Terrace lighting


  1. Bathroom with shower, sink and toilet
  2. 1 roll of toilet paper per toilet available


Fully equipped villa without natural gas connection for 4 persons

Holiday home without gas!
The Ecovilla is a fully equipped house for 4 people. It owes its name to the fact that this is the first gas-free accommodation at Ackersate. The Ecovilla is equipped with an electric fireplace, a hot water boiler and electric floor heating. The kitchen has a combi-oven, dishwasher and induction cooker. The Ecovilla has a bathroom with toilet and two bedrooms without bunk beds.


  • The service set consists of: 1 roll of toilet paper, 1 mop, 1 dishcloth, 1 rubbish bag, 1 pedal bin bag, 1 washing-up brush, 1 bag of washing-up liquid, 1 box of matches and 1 scouring pad.
  • A cot can be added in the twin bedroom. One bed is no longer usable as a result.
  • Dogs are not allowed and the accommodation is non-smoking.
  • Bed linen must be provided and consists of a bottom sheet, a duvet cover and a pillowcase.

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    August 2022 - Versteeg

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    September 2022 - Amber Labee