Bungalow Chalet+ | 6 people

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Gelderland, Voorthuizen


  1. Terras met tuinmeubelen
  2. Waterkoker
  3. Verwarming: centraal
  4. Koffiezetapparaat: filter (maat 4)
  5. Kookplaat: gas
  1. Badkamer met douche en wastafel: 1
  2. Apart toilet: 1
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Equipped kitchen
  1. Microwave oven
  2. Bedrooms: 3
  3. Bunk beds: 1
  4. Completely furnished home


Luxurious bungalow chalet with boiler.

Enjoy a comfortable holiday in this Bungalow Chalet for six people (approx. 63 m2). This Bungalow Chalet has three bedrooms, one with a bunk bed. A snug living room, a shower with toilet and a modern kitchenette with microwave oven and dishwasher. There is even a flat screen television to watch your favorite programs! Boiler heated and located close to the swimming pool and the playground. A cot can be added to the single bedroom. Smoking and pets are not allowed in this accommodation.

Linen packages are mandatory.