Ackersate - Camping op de Veluwe

Basic Extra

Availability and Price


Gelderland, Voorthuizen



  1. Number of cars free central parking: 1
  2. Dogs allowed
  3. Wifi


  1. 10 ampere electricity
  2. Use of sanitary building
  3. Pitch of 100 m² on average
  4. Water in central location on the field

Sanitary building

  1. Heated building
  2. Toilet paper provided
  3. Children's sanitary
  4. Free use of showers
  5. Washing up area with hot water
  6. Microwave


Basic campgrounds with full amenities nearby

The Basis Extra camping spots are located across the Harremaatweg. Camping spots are located on a large grass pitch here. The spots are 100 m² on average and are fully on grass. You can park a car at the nearby parking lot. Next to the campground the sports field, a beautiful playground, and petting zoo are situated. You have to cross the road in order to reach the swimming pool, catering, entertainment, and other amenities. A central sheltered meeting area where one can come together is located in the center of the Basis Extra campground.

This camping area has its own sanitary facilities, where it is also possible to collect water. The spots themselves do not feature a water tap or drain. 10 ampère power is routed to the spot through distribution boxes. The Basis Extra campground has an internet connection, but no television signal. At most 1 pet per spot is allowed.

Features of the Basis Extra camping spots are:

  • Spots located on grass
  • Central water point in sanitary facilities
  • No television signal, but internet is available
  • Near playground, petting zoo, and sports fields