Ackersate - Camping op de Veluwe


On park

Holiday park Ackersate has access to Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi

On holiday at Ackersate, you have free wifi! Connect and get on the internet. Read the newspaper on your phone in the morning with a fresh croissant from the holiday shop. In the afternoon, answer that one e-mail with a nice glass of wine on the terrace. And in the evening, you don't miss any of the holiday fun with a cosy whats-app conversation with friends. 

All our accommodation has an internet modem. This means that each accommodation has its own (secure) network with its own log-in code. Would you like a higher internet speed so you can watch movies on your phone, laptop or tablet? Then you can arrange this for a fee at reception.

On the camping pitches, you can log in to the public Wi-Fi network. If you want to create your own (secured) internet network with your own log-in codes on your camping pitch, you can arrange this for a fee at reception.


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