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Tennis & Padel

Tennis and padel can be played in many places. Think outside on the street or somewhere on a grass field, but on a real tennis court is of course much more fun! At Holiday park Ackersate you can use the real tennis courts and padel courts of the neighbouring tennis club. 

Tennis club 'de Harremaat' is situated next to the Holiday park. Holiday park Ackersate has its own entrance to these tennis courts. This entrance is situated opposite the comfort camping pitches. You can rent the tennis courts or padel courts per hour to enjoy a sportive activity.

To rent a tennis court, you pay € 20.00 per hour per court. You can arrange this at the reception of Holiday park Ackersate. To rent a padel court, visit the website of the KNTB. Then you can go to the reception to get the key of the entrance gate. (For this key, we ask €10,00 deposit). Game materials can also be rented at the reception. You pay €4,- per racket + ball per hour.

So put on your sportswear, bring your rackets and balls and get going on the tenniscourt/padel court!

By the way, did you know that the hardest hit ball ever was 263 kilometres per hour? That will take some practice, but who knows, you might break this record!

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