Ackersate - Camping op de Veluwe
Sanitary facilities
Sanitary facilities
Sanitary facilities
Sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities

Ackersate has multiple modern toilet blocks that are spread out across the park. Our employees do their very best to keep the sanitary facilities clean. This way you can fully enjoy your holiday.



The showers are equipped with a time clock. After six minutes of showering, the water will stop so that you have time to get dressed again. The use of the showers is included in the price.

Laundry facilities

By going down the stairs in the hall at the reception area, you'll reach the launderette. You can buy coins for the washing machines at the reception desk for €6 each. The dryer takes coins of €0.50 cents or €1.

Dishwashing areas

After your meal, it's time to clean up and do the dishes. All sanitary buildings feature a dishwashing area including hot water.

Sanitary facilities for children

Toilet blocks 3 & 5 have their own children's sanitary facilities. All toilet blocks are have a baby bath.

Sanitary facilities for disabled people

Sanitary buildings 3 and 5 offer special facilities for disabled guests. You can collect a key to be able to use them at the reception desk after paying a deposit.

Private sanitary facilities

At Ackersate, you can book a camping spot including private sanitary facilities. The private sanitary building features a toilet, a walk-in shower as well as a sink. For availability, please take a look at our search & book.


Sanitary buildings 3 and 5 contain a dishwasher. Coins can be purchased at the reception desk for €1.25 each, or for €10 per ten pieces. Doing the dishes while on vacation has never been easier!


The toilets in the sanitary buildings offer toilet paper. This means you won't need to walk the campsite with a roll of toilet paper in hand. Of course, a hygiene box is available for the ladies as well.


All sanitary buildings offer a microwave usable to heat baby food, for instance.