Modular Chalet | 4 people

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Gelderland, Voorthuizen


  1. Waterkoker
  2. Terras met tuinmeubelen
  3. Kookplaat: gas
  4. Koffiezetapparaat: filter (maat 4)
  5. Badkamer met douche, wastafel en toilet: 1
  1. Verwarming: centraal
  2. Dishwasher
  3. Located in the mobile home park
  4. Equipped kitchen
  5. In a quiet area
  1. Microwave oven
  2. Bedrooms: 2
  3. Bunk beds: 0
  4. Completely furnished home


A modular chalet with gas fireplace in the living room.

These luxurious Modular Chalets accommodate 4 people. Complete with gas fireplace in the living room and a microwave in the kitchen (no dishwasher). The Modular Chalet has two bedrooms, one with a bunk bed. An additional cot is not available. The Modular Chalet park is located in a quiet part of the holiday park, a bit further away from the central facilities. The rental price is attractive: about 10% cheaper than the 4 person chalets.

Linen packages are mandatory.