Villapark Ackervoorde

The sale of unique holiday villas at Villapark Ackervoorde has started! Relaxed enjoyment of a sustainable investment.

Villapark Ackervoorde is part of Vakantiepark Ackersate. Beautiful villas have been placed in a dedicated part of the area. These villas can be purchased as an investment. An investment with a guaranteed return! Are you interested in investing? Please contact us or take a look at all of our accommodations.

All holiday homes which are for sale can be purchased with a guaranteed return. It is also possible to partly use it yourself, making it a variable return. Renting out the holiday home is an alternative to bank savings where you can also make use of your own investment. You are investing outside of AFM supervision. There is no prospectus obligation for this activity.

Read our extensive brochure for more information.

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